April 2013: Green's Feed

Green's Feed is a family owned and operated company in Reno, Nevada. The store was started by Bill and Mary Green 27 years ago and is managed by their son, Scott Green. The store sells everything from propane to western tack. The Green's goal was, and still is, to best serve their community with a wide variety of feed and farm products.

Left to right: Scott Green on Cuervo, Bill & Mary Green, Loren, Kathy, Cyndy, Joe and Pablo on Jitana

When we asked Scott how the hoof boot industry has changed over the years, he responded, "We started selling Easyboots in 1988. At the time, standard black was the most popular (now there are red and blue Gloves!) and hoof boots were primarily used if a horse was injured or lost a shoe. Since that time, we have seen the hoof boot market move toward every day, trail use and more."

Green's Feed attributes their success and takes pride in knowing their customers and their customer's needs. They offer an extensive line of hoof care products that include five different styles of EasyCare boots, the original Easyboot, the Epics, the Gloves, the Easyboot Trail and Soaker boots. Scott says the Easyboot Trail is his favorite boot because it is so easy to put on and is built for riding. They also carry Comfort Pads, replacement gaiters and cable kits. They emphasize that special orders are gladly taken. Some of their more successful marketing strategies are horse owner clinics. In addition, they have an extensive farrier clientele that rely on Green's Feed for specialty and therapeutic products. Overall, they attribute their 27 years of success to providing excellent customer service, which keeps their loyal customers coming back.

The Green's own six horses and the Green crew has the combined experience of over 100 years of horse ownership. The folks that work at Green's have done endurance, roping, parades, pack trips, cutting, ranch work, racing and trail work, so their combined areas of expertise covers most every riding discipline.

When asked where he sees the barefoot industry going, Scott's reply was, "Trimming to maintain barefoot horses has become very popular in the Reno area. However, some horse owners are not necessarily being educated by their hoof care practitioners as to proper hoof care. Horse owners in our dry climate can end up with severe hoof problems. With this unfortunate situation happens, we are here to help with feed supplements and EasyCare products to protect the hoof as it heals."

Scott says their favorite event each year that they look forward to is the American Endurance Ride Conference. Visit Scott and the staff of Green's Feed at 75 Bailey Drive in Reno, Nevada or on their website at http://www.greensfeedinc.com/.

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