2014 - A Fabulous Year for All EasyCare Dealers

Hats off to our new EasyCare Dealers in 2014 and our EasyCare Dealers that have been with us forever - What an incredible year!

What we have learned in 2014:

  1. That EasyCare Dealers that have gone through our 30 minute phone training program have been much more successful than those that don’t. On average, new EasyCare Dealers (training is mandatory for new dealers) have excelled and immediately jumped Price Levels. Two new 2014 EasyCare Dealers were named EasyCare Dealers of the Month this year.

Training is done by phone!

  1. That EasyShoes came out of the gate quickly for HoofCare Practitioners, and a little more slowly for Retail Dealers; however, they quickly gained momentum in sales while excelling on the flat track, endurance, dressage and all sport horse disciplines. If you are not carrying EasyShoes, you should be. Make sure that you watch the videos and the webinars!

  1. That Therapy boots are a must-have in every Retail situation. Most of you are horse owners, right? Have you ever owned a horse that didn’t need some type of hoof therapy? Keep EasySoakers, Transitions and Rx boots in the aisle with your white lightening, betadine and poulticing products and watch them fly off of the shelf.

  1. That customers really like customer service! Those EasyCare Dealers that take that extra step are growing by leaps and bounds and not affected by on-line shopping.

  1. That EasyCare Dealers that take advantage of our Monthly Promos every month are saving a lot of money! Watch your emails for valuable savings!
  1. That EasyCare Dealers who read our monthly Newsletter stay up to date on new products, promotions, live webinars, new releases and articles that can benefit their customers. Are you signed up for the Newsletter?
  1. That EasyCare really appreciates all that our EasyCare Retail Dealers do to service our customers!

The Staff at EasyCare wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2015!


Durango Office

Paso Robles

HCP & Veterinarian Dealer Account Rep

Tucson Staff

Thank You - Happy New Year!

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