February Dealer of the Month: April Volling

This month we head south to Florida were we jump in the truck with EasyCare Dealer of the month April Volling. April joined our dealer network in 2012 and each year continues to exemplify excellence in product knowledge and application. She resides in Micanopy, Florida located just south of Gainsville where she serves clients from Ocala to Alachua.

April Volling with 3yr old Dutch WB Glamdring, 13yr old Oldenburg Windsor.

As a horse crazy little girl, April took in all things horse. She attended the University of Florida in 2001 majoring in animal science with a focus on the equine industry. She joined the University of Florida Horseman's Association and through the group became involved with the Horse Protection Association of Florida. She quickly found her niche there and began volunteering to get her horse fix where she would care for the horses, ride and work with a natural horsemanship trainer. After graduating from college April met KC LaPierre and says she was hooked after her first class. A few short years later, she graduated from the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry and began her journey as a professional hoof care provider. Today, she maintains a clientele of approximately 230 horses and still helps out at the rescue where there is now roughly 70 horses. Most of her business has come the old fashioned way, by word of mouth but she also has had the good fortune to work with some fantastic veterinarians. Now April only takes on new horses who have been vet referred. 

April says becoming an EasyCare dealer has given her more tools to deal with hoof issues and enables her to offer her clients a range of hoof protection options. She consistently stocks the Easyboot Glove Back Country for her trail riding clients and attests to their staying power on the Florida trails. She also favors the EasyShoe Performance glue-on shoe, with which she has had great success.

When asked about her thoughts on the EasyShoe, she feels they are a great option for horses and quotes her vet, "A lame horse is an expensive horse." She feels the extra work and cost are a small price to establish and maintain a sound horse. They are perfect for our hot, humid and wet summer conditions. It is these very conditions that tend to create flat, thin-soled feet. It is just not always practical to keep a horse bare, especially a performance horse, and this is where the EasyShoe shines. April loves having these options and really has enjoyed the journey of learning how to apply the EasyShoe. Because you can rasp and mold the shoe, she feels the possibilities are endless. April can create balance and proper breakover while at the same time creating correct movement, protecting the hoof and encouraging proper growth.

What has helped April become such a success? She attributes patience, a passion for learning and organizational skills. Patience with the horse will always go a long way, she says. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and helping them be comfortable will allow you to get the work done and more than likely they will be more willing the next time you visit. Passion for learning: April feels like everyone has something to teach you, including the horses, as long as you are willing to listen. Keep an open mind: this allows you to remain creative and solve problems effectively. And finally, make a solid commitment to continued education. Hone your organizational skills: April acknowledges being organized, keeping notes, scheduling clients and stocking supplies can be challenging. She loves the QuickBooks app on her iPhone and iPad and can keep track of all her invoices, email them to clients and track expenses. She is not 100% digital yet but it is her goal to be so by the end of the year. She is diligent with record keeping so things don't get lost or forgotten and knocks out her to do list as soon as possible to prevent worry or being ill-prepared. She is a stickler for rescheduling clients before she leaves which allows her to schedule ahead of time avoiding overloaded work weeks and ensures clients stay on a consistent schedule.

When asked about where she see the future of hoof care, she acknowledges that things are definitely moving in a healthier direction. Products like EasyCare hoof boots and the EasyShoe help her keep her client's horses happy while developing a healthier hoof.

April enjoys her three horses which all have their own set of Back Country hoof boots for protecting soft feet from Florida's rock and root, riddled trails. She is passionate about dressage, natural horsemanship, trail riding and the beach.

April puts the finishing touches on a full set of EasyShoes.


2014 - A Fabulous Year for All EasyCare Dealers

Hats off to our new EasyCare Dealers in 2014 and our EasyCare Dealers that have been with us forever - What an incredible year!

What we have learned in 2014:

  1. That EasyCare Dealers that have gone through our 30 minute phone training program have been much more successful than those that don’t. On average, new EasyCare Dealers (training is mandatory for new dealers) have excelled and immediately jumped Price Levels. Two new 2014 EasyCare Dealers were named EasyCare Dealers of the Month this year.

Training is done by phone!

  1. That EasyShoes came out of the gate quickly for HoofCare Practitioners, and a little more slowly for Retail Dealers; however, they quickly gained momentum in sales while excelling on the flat track, endurance, dressage and all sport horse disciplines. If you are not carrying EasyShoes, you should be. Make sure that you watch the videos and the webinars!

  1. That Therapy boots are a must-have in every Retail situation. Most of you are horse owners, right? Have you ever owned a horse that didn’t need some type of hoof therapy? Keep EasySoakers, Transitions and Rx boots in the aisle with your white lightening, betadine and poulticing products and watch them fly off of the shelf.

  1. That customers really like customer service! Those EasyCare Dealers that take that extra step are growing by leaps and bounds and not affected by on-line shopping.

  1. That EasyCare Dealers that take advantage of our Monthly Promos every month are saving a lot of money! Watch your emails for valuable savings!
  1. That EasyCare Dealers who read our monthly Newsletter stay up to date on new products, promotions, live webinars, new releases and articles that can benefit their customers. Are you signed up for the Newsletter?
  1. That EasyCare really appreciates all that our EasyCare Retail Dealers do to service our customers!

The Staff at EasyCare wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2015!


Durango Office

Paso Robles

HCP & Veterinarian Dealer Account Rep

Tucson Staff

Thank You - Happy New Year!

December Dealer of the Month: Bbarefoot Hoof Care

EasyCare is excited to feature B Barefoot as our December Dealer of the Month. Located in Pike, New Hampshire owner Jen Broughan joined the EasyCare team in 2013 and has been a strong advocate for the products.

As is the case with so many hoof care providers a special horse brought Jen into the folds of natural hoof care. Jen's mare was having lameness issues and when traditional metal shoes did not improve the situation, Jen opted to give barefoot a try. Her trimmer pulled the shoes and explained to Jen about hoof anatomy, angles and frog health. Things no other farrier had talked about. Once trimmed one would have never guessed that same mare had been limping just minutes before. Jen could hardly believe it despite seeing it with her own eyes. Needless to say she was hooked. But as fate played out Jen was told her trimmer would soon be moving.  Panic set in as she could find no one to take her place. Receiving an encouraging, "You can learn to do it yourself" along with a rasp and Pete Ramey book from her trimmer, Jen embraced the challenge. And so it began, clinics, workshops, mentorship and reading everything she could as well as trimming her own horses set her on her path. Fast forward five years and Jen has a client base of just over 200 in central Vermont and Northern New Hampshire.

Pike, NH Home of B Barefoot

Jen believes providing hoof boots is an integral part of transitioning horses to barefoot and for many horses the needed protection while riding on hard, rocky terrain. Jen wanted to become an EasyCare dealer so that she could offer her clients the best selection of hoof boots on the market. She goes on to say becoming a dealer has helped her provide the tools she needs to keep client's horses comfortable and adds the website helped further her education in hoof care. Jen carries an inventory of the Easyboot Glove Back County, Gloves and Transitions. As well as a variety of accessories like Comfort Pads, studs and miscellaneous boot parts. She also is utilizing the new EasyShoe. Jen thinks the EasyShoe is incredible and the product has enabled her to help horses with founder, navicular, thin soles, abscesses and negative palmar angles. Jen says, the ability of the hoof to improve during a shoeing cycle is amazing. She recalls a client with an IR Morgan with chronic founder. No matter what they did diet, trim etc. without boots the horse was miserable. Her sole in front of the frog was bulging and never changed. With three cycles of EasyShoes at five week intervals, this horse actually gained concavity in front of the frog and can trot sound barefoot now! Needless to say Jen is excited to have this new tool to offer her clients. Her best sellers are the Back Country for the front feet and Gloves for the hinds. Her personal favorite is the Glove with its low profile and light weight. Jen says it just feels like part of the horse.

Jen speaks fondly of her job and says there isn't just "one most rewarding experience" but many. Seeing a horse give a huge release yawn, stand square on their newly trimmed feet or an owner telling her how happy they are with their horse's movement makes everyday very rewarding. However, Jen does have one very memorable hoof boot success story. The story of Brody the Thoroughbred. The story is best told by Brody's owner MaryJo.

"We are amazed at the incredible improvements natural trimming and Easyboots have made to the quality of life for our 24 year old Thoroughbred. Brody was constantly lame, suffered from abscesses and was generally uncomfortable. We thought there was nothing we could do for him until we were introduced to Jen. She explained the theory and how to properly fit and use hoof boots. Within six months of her trimming and the use of the Transition boots he was pain free. He has grown healthy hooves and no longer needs support wraps, ice and pain meds! Jen has truly given him a new lease on life. My 15 year old son Luke can enjoy riding his best friend again!"

Brody and Luke.

What does it take? Jen believes the top three things you need to be successful as a trimmer are: Passion for helping horses to be sound and healthy. Be committed to continuing education (with an open mind) and you must possess good communication skills. Jen believes in working smarter not harder and has created a sustainable schedule. She crosses one day a week off her calendar with no trims and tries to keep people in one area on the same schedule to minimize travel time. She connects with other trimmers to take clients that are far away. Trimming is very physical and Jen ensures her health with chiropractor and massage once a month. She tries to stretch every day and even has a car seat cover with heat, massage and magnets. For the book work side of things she uses Google Drive documents and spreadsheets and utilizes a smart phone for contacts.

Continuing education is a highlight for Jen. She loves the opportunity to learn more and connect with other farriers and horse owners. She also enjoys supporting her local animal rescue where she teams up with fellow trimmer Lisa Walker monthly to trim. They recognizes the challenges and hard work these volunteers encounter and both feel it's important to provide the help.

For Jen Broughan her hobby and passion in life is and always has been horses. She feels fortunate to have found a way to make a living doing something she loves. When not under a horse Jen and her husband enjoy working and riding their own four horses. To find out more about the exciting things Jen is doing and to see her work please visit her Facebook page at Bbarefoot Hoof Care.


November Dealer of the Month: Well-Shod.com

Congratulations to EasyCare Dealer of the Month, Well-Shod.com. Well-Shod is the internet home of Ranchers & Farmers Supply Co. in Amarillo, Texas. They not only sell farrier supplies, they also carry a full line of feed, hay, livestock panels, pet food, animal health products, feed supplements, lawn & garden supplies and much more. However, Well-Shod is your home for quality farrier products, great prices and the very best service - And, Well-Shod prides themselves on customer service!

Well-Shod is a very new EasyCare Dealer with their very first order in August of this year. They carry all of the EasyShoe styles as well as EasyCare hoof boots; the Transition, Rx, the Trail and Epics. And, their sales have exploded in this short period of time!

John Harshbarger, Owner of Well-Shod, started with the company when he was 17 years old and here he is, twenty years later. John and his Website Manager, Elizabeth Kozak, feel their most successful marketing strategy is their very successful website.


John indicates that they also have a lot of traffic and a very loyal customer base. He feels that another reason for their success is their commitment to customer service and superior production selection. One of their favorite farrier events is the Hoof Care Summit.

John said his favorite EasyCare Product is the EasyShoe Performance N/G. “This EasyShoe has many options and functions that make it applicable to many different disciplines and for many different reasons.”


“In the last decade, we have seen a tremendous growth in the demand for and the availability of hoof boots and alternatives to traditional steel shoes. The variety of styles of hoof boots and shoes has increased and has become more specific to different disciplines.”  John continues, “I believe that hoof care has expanded to include many non-conventional methods. Glue-On Shoes, synthetic, and hoof boots are very important tools that can be used to better help the horse.”

John and his wife own seven horses that his wife trains and shows in Reining. They use Easyboot Transitions when trailering or stalling at shows.

Well-Shod is stocking everything that you need when it comes to EasyCare Products. But, they are running out of room and are stacking things higher and higher. Visit them at 8048 River Road in Amarillo, Texas or on their website at www.wellshod.com.

EasyCare's September Dealer of the Month - Metcalfe Hay and Feed

Congratulations to Metcalfe Hay and Feed, EasyCare’s Dealer of the Month for September.

Metcalfe Hay and Feed is located at 3593 Wilson Road in Oak Harbor, Washington, and is not only one of our newest EasyCare Dealers, but they are the fastest rising star in dealers that we’ve seen in awhile. In three short months, they have built up their hoof boot business to amazing heights.

Through hard work and innovation, owner Steve Metcalfe grew Metcalfe Hay and Feed into what it is today. Steve and his friend started out bringing hay over the pass in Eastern Washington for thier own horses and soon, he found he was bringing hay over for friends as well. He went from a one ton Dodge Dully to a 98 Freightliner and came back with 19 tons of hay on the first trip. And, so Metcalfe Hay and Feed started. From there, he decided to start bringing in pet food and then tack and that's when his wife, Tatyana, stepped in and started running the store while Steve handled the feed. Two years of hard work and they are now in a new, larger facility where they can offer even more great things like EasyCare hoof boots.

Starting out at the end of May, Steve took advantage of every monthly Promo that EasyCare offered and reaped the savings so he could keep his prices competitive. Steve carries the Easyboot Trail, the Easyboot Transition, the Rx boots, the Soakers and the Old Mac G2. His personal favorite is the Easyboot Trail.

As part of his marketing strategy, Steve uses hoof boots on his own horses so his customers see that he uses them himself. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. Another part of his marketing strategy is his use of his own Facebook page. As soon as Steve became an EasyCare Dealer, he posted his dealership on Facebook. He then posted a picture of every hoof boot style that he carried, with a brief description and size charts.

He then posted a blog concerning measuring and fitting and told his customers that, if they needed help, to bring their horses to the store for a free fitting. Now, that’s customer service!

And still another part of Steve’s marketing strategy involves getting out into the public and attending events. His favorite is a 3-Day event on Whidbey Island. He normally rides in this event and has helped with the course itself in past years. He says that it brings a lot of joy to see people riding in this event and can’t wait to bring his young horse there when he’s ready. In hoof boots, of course.

Steve feels that the key to his success is a lot of hard work and his passion for the horse industry and his business. Steve grew up in a small townhouse, but was fortunate to be able to spend summers on the farm with his Grandfather, who bought him his first horse when he was nine years old. He learned a lot from his Grandfather and has a lot of good memories.

Steve owns five horses and they are all barefoot and in EasyCare hoof boots. He said he remembers as a child, that all horses were in steel shoes. He feels that the new, advanced hoof boot technologies have taken things to a whole new level in hoof health. In three short months, what is his most memorable experience? “Changing from steel shoes to the Easyboot Trails on my 30 year old, retired event horse. He acted like a young horse again and felt much stronger. It was just a great feeling to enjoy the freedom that riding gives you with hoof boots.”

Visit Metcalfe Hay and Feed in Oak Harbor, Washington or friend them on their Facebook Page and see what' s new.

August: Sabine Halfhill Hoof Care

August is here and the weather is not the only thing heating up as riders blaze across the country heading off to last adventures before summer's end. Hoof care professionals in much of the US are working double time in triple digits to meet the needs of our equine partners. Be it showing, racing, ranching or hitting the trails, these professionals have our backs and help keep our horses performing at their best.

Sabine with her two horses Romeo and Pumpkin.

This month we head to Simi Valley, California, to catch up with EasyCare dealer Sabine Halfhill of Sabine Halfhill Hoof Care. Sabine joined EasyCare's team of dealers in 2012 and has done smokin' well with our products from day one.

Sabine became interested in hoof care when her beloved Quarter Horse, Romeo, began to experience lameness issues. Traditional therapeutic shoeing was not working and Sabine was determined to find other options. As she began researching, she realized she knew absolutely nothing about the hoof; how it functioned or even what a healthy foot should look like. The more she read, the more she became fascinated with the subject and read everything she could get her hands on. As she began to trim her own horses, the passion took on a life of its own and Sabine decided to pursue a career in hoof care with training through Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Today she has a thriving business with about 120 horses in her practice.

One of the fist things Sabine did when she started her business was to become an EasyCare dealer. Having used the products herself for years on her own horses, she was very familiar with the product line. She also received excellent training in booting and fitting through her PHCP training. Sabine feels boots play a crucial role in successful barefoot transitions and will not pull shoes on a horse unless the owner is willing to buy boots to ensure the horse's comfort. The day the shoes are pulled, she fits the horse for boots. If the size she needs is not immediately available, she provides the horse with a pair of temporary loaner boots or instructs the owner to keep the horse off rocky terrain until their boots arrive.

Her stocked, go to products are the Easyboot Glove Back Country, Trail, Transition, Glove and EasyShoes. Her best seller and personal fave is the Back Country with her second best seller being the EasyShoe.

For Sabine the EasyShoe has been the missing link in her business. Preferring to keep horses barefoot whenever possible, she feels in some situations it simply may not be the best option for the horse. Today, shod horses that Sabine may have originally turned down, she now putting into EasyShoes. The shoe provides 24/7 protection that allows the horse's hoof to flex and expand with each step, absorb concussion and offers excellent support. Sabine has been impressed with the versatility of the shoe and has used them for a range of needs from thin soled horses to Navicular syndrome, chronic laminitis, ring bone and pedal osteitis.

Sabine's gluing set up. This girl doesn't fool around!

Sabine's handy work with the EasyShoe Performance

When asked what she believed to be the top three things needed to be a successful trimmer, she replied, "There is a quote from Dr. Kerry Ridgeway that really resonates with me, "The intrusion of dogma into any system creates a closing of the mind and reluctance to change in spite of new knowledge." I feel this is especially true with hoof care. One should always put the horse's well being and health first. Don't let your own ideology get in the way of that. Learn to be flexible and creative in your approach. There is no one size fits all method in hoof care. Be willing to be open to the the best solution for the horse." She goes on to say "Be prompt, organized and courteous. Show up to appointments on time, return phone calls and emails in a timely manner and try to keep your schedule on track so that horses don't fall behind schedule. Communication and follow up are huge. Keep the communication lines open with owners and follow up to see how the horse is doing or to see how the new hoof boots are working out. If there are any issues do the best you can to remedy the situation right away."

Like so many hoof care providers, handling business and growth can be challenging. Sabine works hard to pace herself as the job is both physically and mentally demanding. She strives for balance so that she will be able to give 100% to each horse while staying healthy and safe so that she can continue doing what she loves: helping horses.

Sabine is obviously passionate about horses and admits her life pretty much revolves around them. She has two horses of her own, one Quarter horse, the other a Shoshone Mustang. She is happily married to a man who is her best friend and shares her love for horses. When they are not caring for their equines, they are out on the trail together. Sabine also loves to travel, interior design, gardening and cooking. She is a member and student practitioner through Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners and has attended numerous clinics and farriers courses at her local college. Located in Simi Valley, CA, Sabine covers all of Ventura County and parts of LA County. For more about Sabine and her work please visit her website.

This gal is on fire for hoof care and a blazing success.

The Cheshire Horse - July EasyCare Dealer of the Month

We are very pleased to announce that The Cheshire Horse is EasyCare's Dealer of the Month for July, 2014.

Established in 1997, The Cheshire Horse is a family-run business located in Swanzey, New Hampshire. They offer a 23,000 square foot retail store, set on five acres, made up of a 13,000 square foot showroom and office space, as well as a 10,000 square foot warehouse space incorporating a drive-through for the convenience of their customers. The store also contains a lounge area with a large-screen TV, couches, coffee and snacks.

In 2003, former employee Kristin Young partnered with the Hamshaw family to open Cheshire Horse in Saratoga, New York. This New York store offers the same inventory and service as the New Hampshire store, on a smaller scale and close to area attractions such at the Saratoga Racetrack, the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the United States, and Skidmore College, boasting one of the nation's top intercollegiate riding programs.

Cheshire Horse offers the best and largest selection possible backed up by knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service. Their retail locations stock everything needed to equip you, your horse and your barn. They also offer a wide range of products on their website. Their expansive inventory and continued focus on personalized customer service and convenience brings people from throughout the Northeast to see all that they have to offer.

The Cheshire Horse has been carrying EasyCare Products since they first opened their doors in 1997. While the Easyboot Glove is their best seller, they feel that the Easyboot Trail has shown strong sales as well, believing that the Trail could be their best seller yet. They feel that the Easyboot Trail is very user-friendly and versatile for their customers.

The Cheshire Horse has found that their successful marketing strategies have recently gone more toward social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where they've had very good results. However, their favorite event of the year is their Fall Anniversary Sale. The event includes a large vendor tent, which allows their customers to talk directly with manufacturers and sales reps and ask specific questions about products. They also offer great prizes, door busters and samples.

When talking to Elizabeth, she said that they are a "super center" for the equestrian. They offer a fully stocked inventory that includes all the items a horse customer would need for themselves and their horse. And, in the last few years, they have expanded to include a large pet section, as almost every horse owner has another pet.

Elizabeth has a strong background in dressage, but also enjoys basic trail riding as do many of The Cheshire Horse's customers. She owns a retired Warmblood and a pony, both are barefoot. She feels that the hoof boot industry has changed a lot since she became involved. "I remember when the Easyboot was pretty much the only option available to customers. So much research and product development has been done, which is truly a benefit to horses and riders."

Elizabeth believes that horse owners are really starting to recognize and understand the benefits of having a barefoot horse. "From hoof health reasons to financial savings, more and more customers are going in the direction of barefoot horses." And hoof boots! 

Her most memorable event? "Thinking way back on a personal story, I can remember finding my horse missing a shoe on the day of a show. Thanks to an Easyboot, we were still able to go and compete!" 

Visit The Cheshire Horse in Swanzey, New Hampshire, Saratoga, New York or on their website.

May 2014: Three R's Ranch

We are very pleased to announce that Three R’s Ranch of Reno, Nevada, is EasyCare’s Dealer of the Month for May. Tami Rougeau is the owner of Three R’s Ranch as well as a Member of EasyCare’s Team Easyboot.

Three R’s Ranch became an EasyCare Dealer in the Spring of 2013 and very quickly became a strong presence. While Tami’s original focus was on hoof boots, she also carries the full line of EasyCare products. Her best seller is the Easyboot Glove, since most of her customers are primarily endurance and trail riders. However, she is now thinking the new EasyShoe might take over the best seller spot. Tami indicates that the EasyShoe has really expanded the number of customers to now include those who are not traditional barefoot riders. Her personal hoof boot favorite is the Easyboot Glove.

Tami’s marketing strategy is very simple. She uses hoof boots on her horses and is present at a lot of rides so she feels that the products sell themselves. She feels that using the product is a huge plus. “When people see others being successful and having fun, they are encouraged to ask questions and find out what is working. I frequently ride with other members of Team Easyboot and quite often we will come upon riders that have lost a shoe or are having a boot issue. Between the two of us, we carry the most common sizes and can usually get the person back on the trail in a matter of minutes. When you can save someone’s ride, that is a good marketing strategy. At one ride, I actually had a lady approach me saying that her horse lost a shoe and was off. She said the vet sent her to me. Now that is a compliment! We did a little maintenance to the mangled hoof, put on a boot and the horse trotted off sound. She got to complete her ride.”

We asked Tami about her favorite yearly event. “All of the rides that I attend are wonderful, but by far, my most favorite is the Virginia City 100. It is really beautiful and tough. The trail is just made for hoof boots in that it is rocky, full of hills and is a very technical trail. To top it off, it is a historical ride created by the pioneers of our sport held in historic Virginia City, Nevada. This is one seriously cool town. You start the ride in the middle of town in front of the Delta Saloon. How many posses over the years organized in that very spot? Or miners riding into town announcing their find? Mark Twain spent time here as well. It is just overwhelming to think that we can ride our horses over the same ground as those who helped build this country. I could go on and on, but this ride requires strategy and thinking to get your horse through safely. The feeling of accomplishment and pride this felt when you are walking back through town after conquering the trail is like no other.”

Why is Tami successful? She says she has really amazing horses! “My horses have taught me so much and they really love their job. In the way of boots, each of my horses has had a different hoof challenge that had to be dealt with and boots have helped them be successful. Also, my family, who are so supportive of my crazy horse habit and especially of my starting this new chapter. They are not horse people, but they sure step up to help whenever they can. I could not do any of this without my husband, my son and my parents as well as my good friends who encourage me and keep me grounded.”

Tami currently owns three horses. She has two mares that are half-sisters and a gelding out of her older mare, Fancy. All of her horses are booted. Fancy is 18 this year and has never been shod. May is 14 this year and was shod for a brief period when first starting out. Rockett is just coming 5 and was fitted for his first boots this year. And, Tami has just put him in EasyShoes.

When we asked Tami how she thinks the hoof boot industry has changed, she answered, “Hoof boots and hoof protection has really come a long way. When I first started booting, there were not many choices. Of course, I was in Easyboots, but if they did not work for you, there were not many other options, especially for endurance riders. Now there are boots for practically any circumstance. We now have therapy boots and boots to help during transition, not to mention the options for riding boots. If one does not work, then we can try another until we find the boot that fits for the horse and rider. Now we even have the EasyShoes, which are opening up whole new options to a new group of horse owners. I am really excited to get the shoes on lots of different horses to see what they can do. The first pair I sold was actually nailed on. There was an immediate improvement in the way the horse moved and the owner is just ecstatic. Now, I have them on several horses and they are all doing well. The fact that they can be nailed on in the traditional fashion is a big deal. A lot of folks simply do not want to mess with glue. They want to nail on the shoe and not think about it again. This option opens the door to a whole new group of riders.”

Tami sees the barefoot industry really growing and expanding because there are more and more people choosing barefoot as a viable option. She feels that for some, it is the desire to do the best for their horse and the desire to do what comes naturally. And, for others, it is simple economics. The more people see others being successful in a variety of sports, the more inclined they are to try it, particularly, when they find out how easy it is. “It seems there is a perception that if your horse is barefoot, you have to be able to trim their feet yourself every week. This is not the case. Barefoot is really pretty easy, it allows riders to not be tethered to an appointment or lose a riding day and it encourages a solid relationship with your horse partner. With all of the options available, it really gives people choices. I have clients that are trail riders and they go horse camping several times a year for a week or so at a time. They use Gloves and Easyboot Epics. One lady said that, sometimes by the end of the week, she is just too tired to put on boots. I suggested that perhaps she use Easyboot Glue-Ons so that she would not have to mess with boots for the whole event. At first, people are skeptical, but when I tell them that we glue them on for multi-day endurance events without issues, they are sold. With hoof boots, it’s not a matter of “it won’t work” it is a matter of “I have something that can fix that.”

And Tami’s most memorable hoof boot success story? “I have seen loads of unsound horses become sound and comfortable with good trimming and hoof boots, but my personal experience is still the most memorable for me. When my Thoroughbred went from totally unsound in shoes, we turned to barefoot trimming and Easyboots.  We did retire him, but he lived another ten years being comfortable and happy while babysitting the young horses. Most recently, my “once in a lifetime” horse was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the navicular bone. She decided it was not her time to go and we were able to successfully treat her. During her treatment, we had to support the foot. The Vets wanted to put shoes on her, but I knew that anything that could be done with a shoe could also be done with a boot. So, I customized boots for her in various wedge angles which we lowered. The benefit of the boot was that we could take if off to assess the foot whenever we wanted and change it out in a matter of seconds. As her heel grew out, we got rid of the boot and let her go naturally. She now has a normal heel height and is sound – to the amazement of all of the vets and even myself!” 

April 2014: Rachel Rezos

As most of the United States patiently awaits Spring, EasyCare dealers out West are starting to enjoying “hair in the air weather” brought on by longer days and warmer temps. EasyCare’s April 2014 Dealer of the Month lands us in a sunny state with our spotlight shining brightly on hoof care practitioner Rachel Rezos of Martinez, CA. Rachel joined EasyCare's dealer network in April of 2010 making this her fourth year anniversary as a mover and shaker with EasyCare.

Rachel’s story is a familiar one. Her interest was piqued in 2007 by trimmer and EasyCare dealer Marylynne Nicholson. Through their interaction Rachel became interested in the trade. Yet another example that mentoring  matters, Rachel is grateful to Marylynne for giving her a career that she loves. "Mary invited me to join her on her rounds and I apprenticed with her for two years. These days I am trimming about 170 horses. Sometimes I think perhaps it's time to stop taking new clients but I admit I'm just not good at saying 'no'. I simply love to help people and horses."

An EasyCare dealership has helped Rachel to provide options for her clients and make barefoot living easy on the horse and their humans. Rachel currently stocks the most popular sizes in the Glove and Epic and says the Glove is a customer favorite. As for Rachel, if she had to choose, the Glove takes all. She is excited about the new EasyShoe line and believes this is a great new tool for achieving healthier hooves. Rachel feels this product will have an especially strong appeal to those that understand the drawbacks of fixed metal shoeing but are unable to go without twenty-four hour protection.

Rachel is truly passionate about helping problem hooves improve and particularly enjoys connecting with troubled horses. She says, “I get a charge out of the 'conversation' that I have with them as I do my work. Many of them lift their feet with only a look or gentle stoke down their leg. I challenge myself to see how soft I can ask and have them respond and I feel their appreciation." She recalls watching a 20 year old Quarter Horse with navicular stride out and land heel first in his Epics with Comfort Pads. The horse had been landing toe first in steel shoes but after two strides in the boots and pads he relaxed and totally changed gait, moving properly most likely for the first time in years.

Horses dominate Rachel’s life as they are both her livelihood and favorite hobby. She loves natural horsemanship, attending clinics as often as possible and is passionate about connecting and communicating with horses. When Rachel can drag herself away from horses she spends time with her husband enjoying comedy, sci-fi, cooking and enjoying great food. Rachel currently owns a draft cross, PMU gelding and Azteca mare. She loves to hit the trails whenever possible and is currently a member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners.

The foundation of Rachel's success are these key concepts: listening closely to both the animals and their guardians, the love of learning and patience. Words of wisdom indeed!

March 2014: Horseshoe Mart

Congratulations to Selina Galick, Owner of Horseshoe Mart, EasyCare’s Dealer of the Month for March. Horseshoe Mart, located in Santa Rosa, California, and has become one of EasyCare's most successful retail stores with a banner year in 2013.

Horseshoe Mart’s website, boasts, “We carry the Easyboot line for the horse owner. We also have everything you need to shoe your horse. We are a full-service farrier supplier.” Horseshoe Mart has been serving customers for 25 years.

Horseshoe Mart has been carrying EasyCare products for over twelve years.They carry the Back Country, Trail, Glove, Transition and the Rx. They can also do fittings. While the Glove is their best seller, Selina says that the Back Country is her favorite boot.

She feels that part of Horseshoe Mart's success is attributed to making the store very convenient for the Hoof Care Practitioners by having a large inventory so that they always have the products they need on hand. Selina also makes a concerted effort to help educate the horse owners. She works individually with people and also co-sponsors clinics with Linda Cowles, a well-known Hoof Care Practitioner. She continues to look forward to the Tevis Cup every year as this is her favorite event.

Selina has been a horse owner, who has been involved in the equine business for years and really strives to promote healthy hooves and the use of hoof boots. Currently, she owns two mules and they are both barefoot.

When asked how she felt the hoof boot industry has changed, she said, “Fifteen years ago, there weren’t many hoof boot choices. Today, there is a hoof boot for every horse, every hoof, every riding discipline and every therapeutic application resulting in more and more healthy hooves.” As to where she sees the barefoot industry going, she states, “The end is not even visible. The barefoot industry continues to grow and I’m hanging on to the “tigers” tail!”

Her favorite hoof boot story? Selina was working with a Hoof Care Practitioner on a Thoroughbred with enormous hooves. She said that you could almost see the smile on this horse’s face, he was so happy. "And, now he has big, strong, beautiful hooves.”

Visit Horseshoe Mart in Santa Rosa or go on her website. Selina possess a vast knowledge of horses, hooves and how to keep your horse’s feet healthy and in good shape. With her cartoon horses and her great sense of humor, you can bet you will leave with a smile!