Why You Should Buy Easyboots Instead of Crack

Why, you might ask? Well let me count the ways...

1) Crack kills - Easyboots don't. It's pretty much that simple.

2) Crack is really expensive (I think, anyway) and is pretty much instant gratification. Easyboots last for miles and miles and miles! You can't beat that!

3) Crack is illegal and being in jail would suck. Easyboots are now legal in lots of different sanctioned horse sports including CTR. Glue-Ons are appropriate for many types of competition and hopefully the new Easyboot Race Plate will be allowed at race meets across the country very soon! 

4) Crack makes your teeth fall out and your skin fall off <ewwww!!!!> . Easyboots allow horses to live a more natural lifestyle the other 90% of the time they aren't being ridden. It's really a win-win. 

5) Crack must be purchased by specialized dealers across the land. While Easyboots are also purchased from specialized dealers across the land, you most likely won't get shot or robbed or have to wear wires to purchase them. It's a much safer situation overall. 


A different kind of crack, but also bad. 

While I could go on and on, I think the above provides adequate reasoning why NOT to purchase illegal controlled substances, when you could be buying Easyboots for your horse instead. Of course for those who would never consider buying crack, we could substitute other frivolous (hopefully legal) things many of us chose to spend money on... a few lunches out a week, some Starbucks, manicures, fancy shoes, I could also go on and on about spending money on non-necessary things such as purses and luxurious make-up but not because *I* ever do such a thing!


A worth-it purchase. Same as those cute red shoes (but don't tell the ponies).

When recently polled, the number one reason that people cited as keeping them from purchasing boots for their horses was cost. While I get the sucky economy deal, I also consider horses to be a hobby. An EXPENSIVE hobby.. one of the "you gotta pay to play" kinda deals. I also think about how much money the average crack user (who is usually unemployed and drowning in legal fees for past and present criminal charges) probably spends a week. The thought of spending $120.00 on a pair of Easyboot Gloves that will last my horse months and months of riding doesn't seem so bad. 

So lay off the crack and buy some Easyboots. It's a good decision. 

~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho 

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