The Wides Have Arrived!!!

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for- the Easyboot Glove WIDES have made their appearance! I have been coveting a set of Wides since getting my little hands on them at the AERC convention. I have been battling with Topper's wide feet since I got him, and while I have been able to make the regular Gloves work, I knew the Wides would not only fit him better, but my boots would last longer because he wouldn't be pushing out the sides like one of the People From Wal-Mart squooshed into clothes that they probably haven't fit in since they were six. But I'm just saying. 


"Do these boots make my hoof look fat?" The bulge we have been dealing with. 

I was super lucky to get in line for a few of these babies right off the bat, and when they arrived first thing this morning, I contemplated calling in sick to work so I could go play, but I didn't. 'Cause I'm that good. Anyway when I got done at work I rushed out to the ponies and grabbed both Topper and Chant, who also has very wide feet. It is interesting that out of all my horses, the two that haven't ever been shod have the widest feet. Have you noticed that in your herd?

Topper has been in size 1 Gloves on his smaller, steeper foot, and size 1.5 Gloves on his larger foot. Like I said, this has been working just fine, and I almost hate to change what's working, but I do worry about the pressure from the boots (which visibly bulge) at his heels and the fact his toes don't go all the way into the front of the boot because the boots that fit width-wise, were too long. Chant hasn't done much in boots as he's still so early in his training, but when I have put boots on him we've had the same problem as Topper, only Chant isn't nearly as graceful with the extra length in the front as Topper is. 


The larger foot


Smaller foot. I found it interesting that all my horses frog have recently peeled off. Their soles are exfoiliating, but that's normal for this time of year. I don't remember the frogs falling off though!

So based on my measurements, it looked as though Topper would be between an 0.5 and 1. Chant looked to be a solid 0 on both front feet. I started with Topper first, and immediately realized that he needed to be trimmed. Just what I like to do is trim my horses at 5PM when it's 95 degrees out. Do you see what I do for these guys? Anyway so after sweating approximately 18 liters of fluid I was ready to put those suckers on! I started with the 0.5 on each foot, and the boots slid on well, but I didn't like how his heel didn't look quite seated on the larger foot. I trotted him around anyway and it looked ok, but I am still not convinced his foot was all the way in at the heel. I slapped a size 1 on and liked how it fit better, although Powerstraps will be necessary, which is totally fine because I put them on all my boots anyway. I saddled up and took him out for a spin and he felt great in his new boots! No twisting or anything, although we won't know for sure about fit until we get a good ride in. I am pretty confident they will be great for him. 


Topper with 0.5 on each foot. The v isn't spread, but I think his foot angle doesn't allow for much spread-age. I am going to have to play around between the 0.5 and 1 on the larger foot to see which is the better fit. I can always bring the toe back some but I worry that if he's a few weeks into the trim cycle he'll be too wide for even the 0.5. This is where it's nice to have a few different sizes to work with depending on where the horse is with his trim. 

Chant was much easier. I picked up his foot, picked up the 0 and it twisted on like it was made for him. I think these will be just the ticket for him. I have had some twisting with him in the regular Gloves, but the fit hasn't been great. I am excited to test them out tomorrow! I think my favorite part about these wide boots are the better fitting gaiters on these two horses. It seems like the gaiters on the regular Gloves weren't big enough but these ones fit much better across the heels. You guys didn't miss anything!!


Chant's round little feet



I hope that people take the time to really measure, or even better, order a fit kit. I have a sneaking suspicion that many people are just going to purchase the size they normally use, only in the Wides, which will most definitely not work! I think it's better to treat them like a totally new boot style and go through the steps you would go through when ordering something completely new. Measure after a fresh trim, order a fit kit and be prepared to use your tape and Powerstraps. I also hope that people don't overlook or excuse flares or stretched white line that can cause the illusion of a wide foot. 

While there is no one boot that will fit all horses, the Glove WIDE is another EXCELLENT addition to an already awesome line-up of boots. I would have to hedge my bets that with every new boot offered by EasyCare, there are fewer and fewer horses that boots don't or wouldn't work for. Thank you, EasyCare, for giving us yet ANOTHER option for booting our horses!!

You rock!

~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho

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