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On the road again. The overwhelming public response to the new EasyShoes has been exceeding expectations and the requests for more EasyShoe Clinics are coming in from all over the world. Because of this, I decided to travel some more to share these EasyShoes and their application with as many folks as possible. In my blog last month, I wrote for a report of the previous trips to Europe I had undertaken together with Garrett Ford, the CEO of EasyCare

Explaining the EasyShoe in Duesseldorf, Germany.

For additional information on the EasyCare clinics, click here: EasyShoe Clinics. Below is the current list of the Bootmeister's upcoming clinics.

April 4 Antelope Island Ride Syracuse, UT
This clinic is geared towards the rider who has no experience with the EasyShoe and wants to learn about using them. Time: 2:00-4:00 PM, after the first days event. I will show and demonstrate gluing application of the shoes. Contact: or

March 29-30 Munich, Germany
This Clinic/Workshop is geared towards for the professional hoof trimmer and farrier. We will combine a more in depth hoof anatomy session with trimming discussions and application of all the four different EasyShoe models on live horses. Gluing and nailing will be demonstrated and practiced. Contact: or

April 26-27 and May 10-11 Moab, UT
These two Clinics/Workshops will take place at Global Endurance Training Center. We will focus on trimming hooves, EasyShoe and Easyboot Glue-On applications. Participants will have opportunity to trim either their own horse or a horse provided. After a demonstration, everyone can practice gluing boots or EasyShoes provided. This is a definitely a hands-on clinic. After day one, we round out the evening with a slide presentation of Mongolian Hoof Care. Raffle and Give Away prizes from GETC, EasyCare and Coldflex. Participants will also learn how to nail on an EasyShoe. Contact: or

The new Performance N/G are clear, so it even easier to see the white line and place the nails accurately.

May 23 Fandango 3 Day Pioneer Ride Owyhee, ID
After the first day of the ride, we will conduct a 2 hour clinic, 4:00-6:00 PM. We will focus on gluing and nailing the Performance and Performance N/G. For the gluing application we will use Adhere from Vettec. Additionally we will have some give away prices from GETC, EasyCare, and ColdflexVettec Company is sponsoring the Wine and Cheese Party after the clinic, organized by Global Endurance Center. Contact: or

Riding easily through difficult terrain with the new EasyShoe.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the organizers of the above seminars: Jeffrey Stuart, Nina Sep, Stephanie Teeter and Kevin Waters. Hope to see you at some of these clinics!

Christoph Schork

Global Endurance Training Center

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