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Often an interest in trimming your own horse takes on a whole life of its own and leads you to trim friends’ horses. All of a sudden you have a new business and are finding that you need a deeper understanding of the hoof.

Vet Alina Luff & EPT student Libby Franz

If you would like to develop your skills to a professional level so you are able to confidently tackle even the most difficult rehab cases, and work with veterinarians on the rehabilitation of serious laminitic cases, you might like to consider undertaking training with the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy.

Two Diploma level courses are offered yearly. Students come from all walks of life and share a common enthusiasm for helping horses. You don’t need to have had any previous hoof care training, just a keen wish to learn more. Courses commence every year in October and February. 

Andrew Bowe & students

These courses offer students training in all aspects of natural hoof care. The Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy does not teach methods, it is totally anatomy-based training and students gain a deep understanding of the processes that have occurred within the hoof to create unhealthy, distorted hooves so that they are then able to reverse these. The course also attracts veterinarians who are keen to add natural hoof care rehabilitation to their practices and are keen to study with Professor Robert Bowker.

Professor Robert Bowker, head of Michigan State University’s Equine Hoof Laboratory in the US travels to Australia to deliver the modules on the distal limb and to discuss his research work with the students. Professor Bowker is responsible for many of the ground-breaking studies that have in the past few years lead us to understand the full effects of dysfunctional hooves on the equine.

Other lecturers on the course who deliver a wide variety of hoof care related subjects represent various equine hoof care related fields such as Master Farriers, professional trimmers, veterinarians, equine biomechanical specialists, hoof boot specialists and even a natural horse trainer who was for many years also a master farrier.

students in class
The college is based in rural Victoria and situated at the lovely property at Mayfield Barehoof Centre, a working rehabilitation centre for laminitic and navicular horses run by Andrew Bowe & Nicole Bowe (The Barefoot Blacksmith). There are air conditioned classroom facilities, an undercover arena, and camping facilities & pool for students who wish to stay on the property.  Accommodation is available nearby at Alexandra for interstate students if they wish more comfort.

The course is delivered in modules of face to face teaching/practical work over twelve months, with some distance learning in between. After the completion of 16 cast studies, the students attain their Diploma.

If you would like to make natural hoof care your career path, or if you are already involved in this therapy and would like to add to your skills enrollments are being taken now for the next courses.

If you would like more information please contact the Course Co-ordinator

Chris Ware email: or Phone 0458 215 601.

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