Let Run What Can Run

EasyCare's relationship with the endurance market is no secret. Company founder, Dr. Neel Glass, used endurance competitions like Tevis and the XP as a way to show his Original Easyboot was capable of great distances and great speed.

Dr. Neel Glass

Dr. Neil Glass with the Original Easyboot.

Although technological advancements have shaped the horse hoof boots of today, the company's relationship with endurance remains strong. As President and CEO of the company today, Garrett Ford is an avid and accomplished competitor in endurance.

So although endurance represents only one small segment of a much broader customer base, that community is still the perfect vehicle for us to showcase what the EasyCare product line can withstand. And the accomplishments in the 2010 endurance season, celebrated last weekend at the annual AERC convention in Reno, Nevada, were impressive. I've picked the top five items I think are of note. They are listed below, in reverse order.

5. EasyCare Gives Back to AERC. The EasyCare/AERC partnership program more than doubled the number of Hoof Boot Contest miles in 2010. Riders in the contest accumulated more than 41,900 miles in Easyboots, generating more than $10,000 in sponsorship to AERC at a time when the organization needed it most.

2010 AERC Awards Ceremony

Recognizing the 2010 Hoof Boot Contest Winners.

4. 2010 Hoof Boot Contest Winners. The top three winners in the contest should prove in no uncertain terms that horse hoof boots can work for anyone.
  - 3rd Place: Christoph Schork ran 1,435 miles in Easyboots. He is the winningest rider in AERC history, with a staggering 205 AERC wins (50 more than the next winningest rider). Of those wins, 69 of them were in the last two years, and every one of them was in Easyboots.
  - 2nd Place: Carla Richardson, also known as the EasyCare Long Distance Driver, accumulated 1,595 miles in Easyboots in 2010. Carla is as consistent as Christoph in her endurance riding strategy - it's just that she is at the other end of the pack. Although Carla only started competing in 2008, she has already claimed 4510 miles in those three short years.
  - 1st Place: Terri Tinkham and her trusty and unmistakable steed, Oliver Twist, brought home the gold medal, racking up exactly 1,715 miles in the 2010 ride season. Nothing can stop this pair and we are honored to be able to associate the EasyCare name with one of the most respected names in endurance today.

3. War Mare Award
of 2010 went to Christoph Schork and Stars Aflame. The award is based on the most overall placing points accrued by the same mare/rider team during one season.

2. National Mileage Championship honors the top ten rider and horse teams with the most miles accrued during one season. Of the ten top placings, five went to Easyboot horses:
  - 9th Place: Laurie Birch & Scudd Runn - 1210 miles
  - 7th Place: Mari Ural & Psyches Quest - 1265 miles
  - 4th Place: Carla Richardson & SS Kharady Khid - 1595 miles
  - 3rd Place: Terri Tinkham & Oliver Twist - 1,715 miles
  - 1st Place: Dave Rabe & White Cloud - 2,175 miles

Daev Rabe & White Cloud

Dave Rabe & White Cloud.

1. Dave Rabe gets his own category. As well as getting our award for telling the funniest story of the entire weekend; being the most helpful, generous and selfless rider on earth; winning the 2011 National High Mileage Championship; Dave crossed the 50,000 mile mark last year, making him the second highest mileage rider in the history of AERC. Trilby Pederson, who has not competed since 2003, retired with 60,500 miles.

So whether you're fast or slow; whether you're a long rider or a trail rider; whether you live in America's western region or in Timbuktu, EasyCare probably has a boot that can work for you.

As a parting thought, I leave you with a quote that pesonifies EasyCare's performance in 2010. The quote is by the late Mae Schlegel, after whom the AERC Pard'ners Award was created.

"Let run what can run."

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your horse.

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