Eight Things Everyone Should Know About the New EasyShoe

After more than two and a half years of development, the new EasyShoe will be available worldwide starting in mid-February, 2014. The entire EasyCare dealer network has the opportunity to place pre-orders starting this week, which means every member of the distribution channel can get boots to their customers at the same time. There are eight things everyone should know about the new EasyShoe. Read up - we might just decide to give you a pop quiz on them next month.

1. The EasyShoe is available in four different models: EasyShoe SportEasyShoe CompeteEasyShoe PerformanceEasyShoe Performance N/G

2. The EasyShoe design allows for vertical and horizontal heel movement never before seen in a urethane shoe. The video below shows the lateral flexion offered by the same shoe using hand strength only. The image below demonstrates how the unique keyhole design at the back of the shoe allows flexion never before seen in a frog support shoe. 

Unequaled lateral flexion.

Vertical flexion properties: setting a new industry standard.

3. The EasyShoe can be glue or nailed. Gluing may not be for every hoof care practitioner, farrier or horse owner. If you would rather nail the EasyShoe onto a horse's hoof, then simply purchase the EasyShoe Performance N/G. If you would rather glue the EasyShoe on a horse's hoof, select from the Performance, Sport or Compete models. Do you have a glue preference? Our application videos show two application techniques: one with Vettec Adhere and one with Polyflex Bond. 

The spacer system, which comes in five widths, allows the user to set the back of the
EasyShoe Performance N/G to the optimum width when nailing on the shoe.

4. The EasyShoe can be left on for the entire trimming cycle. Enjoy the benefits of a barefoot and booted protocol without having to apply and remove the boots each time you ride. The open sole design of the EasyShoe allow the hoof to breathe. The expansion and contraction properties of the shoe help evacuate material from within the shoe with each step.

5. The EasyShoe allows unlimited heel expansion throughout the trimming cycle. The unique design of all four EasyShoe models allow the heel area to expand during the trimming cycle without forcing the hoof to grow out and over the base of the shoe.  

6. The unique keyhole design of the EasyShoe Performance and Performance N/G lets the shoe expands to fit most hoof shapes. Even the most unusual hoof shapes can be well accommodated because the shoe opens and closes, hugging the hoof for an optimum fit. 

7. The open toe design means you can set break-over anywhere you want. Are you working on bringing back break-over? The EasyShoe can be set back as far as you want and still offers the largest gluing surface area. If you want to set the Performance N/G back, just remove the front toe clip with a pair of nippers and leave the clips at the toe quarters to maintain shoe placement.

8. The EasyShoe is ideal for therapeutic applications. If you're helping horses with chronic laminitis or founder, add a pour-in packing or dental impression material to maintain support and comfort across the entire sole of the hoof.

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.


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