The Language of Anatomy

Hmmm, let's see... is that, medial or lateral? Dorsal or palmar? Distal or proximal?  
How about  putting a few of those terms together, like distodorsolateral view. Now you've got a mouth full!  It's easy to get confused when you start trying to decode these terms.  So, to keep you on top of your game I've provided a little help.  Having a good working knowledge of these terms is very useful when speaking with a veterinarian or hoof care practitioner especially if you are discussing horse hoof problems.  Being armed with this lingo will allow you to converse with the best of them!  Many of us don't make a habit of using these terms on a regular basis but it is a great idea to become familiar with them.  Knowing  anatomy terms is only one small facet in the gem of natural hoof care, but I do challenge you to add a few of these terms to your vocabulary.  It may feel like you are speaking a foreign language at first but soon these terms will be rolling off your tongue! 

Drawings shown are from the  "The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy
Robert A. (Author), DVM Kainer (Illustrator) 
Directional Terms

Drawings shown are from the  "The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy
Robert A. (Author), DVM Kainer (Illustrator)  

Debbie Schwiebert


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