Long Ears and Hoof Boots

Karen Reeves - Abby and RosaMules and Donkeys have their own unique hoof confirmation.  For the most part mules and donkeys excel with a barefoot hoof.  They often have no need for horse shoes or protective horse boots.  Not long ago it wasn't uncommon to hear, "hoof boots just won't work on mules".  Well times are a changin'!  These photos testify that these hard working, back country mules do very well in the Easyboot Epic and Bare and with this year's addition of the Easyboot Glove and Glue-on, booting a mule couldn't get much easier!Barb Taylor's Buckshot
 Hoof care practitioner and mule aficionado Karen Reeves of Keno, OR wrote to me after returning from a pack trip in the Coastal Buckshot close up of BaresRedwoods. 

"The Gloves were fantastic on the mules. I just put boots on their fronts. We went to Gasquet which is a Coastal mountainous area before you get to the coast and rode up to the top of a very steep mountain which had an old lookout site. You could see the ocean and every mountain as far as the eye could see. It was pretty rocky in areas but the gloves performed and without even wearing the toe at all. Then in the Redwoods the worst that they had was gravel roads but they still performed equally as well.   When I put the boots on the fender of the trailer I put Epics out and the Gloves out. Both mules reached out and touched the Glove so I took that as their way of saying that was their favorite.  So....as far as my girls are concerned they love their "Gloves".   Talk to you later,
 Karen Reeves - RosaRosa in Epic 2008Karen Reeves - Mule in Glue on shell
Leslie Carrig - Box Car Willy

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