It's Back! EasyCare Re-launches the HCP Referral Program

Exciting news! 2015 kicks off the re-launch of the EasyCare Dealer Referral Program. Do you know a hoof care professional that is currently not an EasyCare dealer? Now's the time to get them fired up about adding another dimension to their business. There is nothing like a good referral and we greatly appreciate and value the ones that come in from our dealer network. When you encourage other hoof care professionals to ramp up their business opportunities with an EasyCare dealership we will thank you with a little love on your next order or Fill Your Truck order.

As an EasyCare dealer you already recognize the awesome advantages of dealership but in case you need to relay a few of the finer points to your cohorts you can remind them of the following:

1. EasyCare is the leader in hoof protection technology. Having EasyCare products on board your vehicle instantly gives you added creditability, value and service capabilities to your client.

2. Options: as a dealer you have a tremendous amount of tools at your disposal. With all the products EasyCare has available to practitioners there isn't much you won't be able to tackle.

3. Increased Revenue: Last but certainly not least. EasyCare's line of products are an additional income generating avenue. Why not provide a more complete service and harness some additional income? 

Customers are looking for outcomes and solutions. Becoming knowledgeable and proficient in all the tools EasyCare has to offer, be it hoof boots or EasyShoes, will give you an unequivocal advantage setting you apart as a professional. A professional who is truly on the cutting edge of hoof care.

For your convenience: dealership requirements and application

Do you have additional questions or want more details? Please give me a call, Debbie Schwiebert at 800-447-8836 X2224 or


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