Building a System

The business of hoof care has countless components. At its core, hoof care is the prevention and/or resolution of various anomalies of the equine hoof. The truth of the matter is for a hoof care professional that equates to resolving and preventing issues on a multitude of levels and often at the same time. It goes without saying that to be successful in hoof care you must thrive in problem solving!

Without question, EasyCare's line of hoof boots and Comfort Pads often play a vital role in this process. Whether you are rehabilitating or just maintaining a healthy barefoot horse, EasyCare has a product for the job.

An array of EasyCare's Comfort Pads.

Comfort Pads are extremely popular and are often utilized as part of the plan. EasyCare's Comfort Pad System has typically been utilized by hoof care professionals for enhancing caudal development and rehabilitation.

Although production of the System Pads (frog pressure, frog support, sole replacement) has ceased, it is very simple to build your own System. Our regular comfort pads: Firm (red), Medium (black) and Soft (green) are available in 1/2" (12mm) and a 1/4" (6mm) thicknesses. Configurations of frog pressure, frog support and sole replacement pads can be quickly made by cutting them from our regular Comfort Pads to design a specific, custom configuration which if necessary can be taped or glued into a hoof boot. EasyCare does currently have a limited supply of System Pads in size large which can be easily modified to work in the smaller boots as pictured below.       

A quick modification to a large System Pad allow it to be utilized in a smaller boot.

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Debbie Schwiebert


Vet Dealer & Hoof Care Practitioner Accounts

I manage the hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts at EasyCare. An integral part of my job is to stay current in all areas of barefoot hoof care, which enables me to serve this vital group of EasyCare dealers at the next level.



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