A Silent Rasp

Maria SiebrandA rasp fell silent in the barefoot community on 11/4/11 when Maria Siebrand of Coronado, CA lost her battle with a rare blood cancer.

With a background in the life science and pharma industries, Maria was determined to make life better for horses. She brought a science-based approach to horsekeeping, equine nutrition and barefoot hoof care.   

The diagnosis in December, 2010 ended Maria's career as a trimmer but it did little to dampen her enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Even while ill, she focused on her Thoughtful Horseman products: So Cal Mineral Blend Supplement and Thrush Ninja. She also returned to her artistic roots, resurrecting her Dunlight Studio showcasing her talents in oil, watercolor and pencil as well as a line of semi-precious gemstone jewelry. She was a member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners and American Hoof Association and was featured as an EasyCare Dealer of the Month.

Maria was truly a gifted and prolific writer. She published an information-packed newsletter monthly through the Thoughtful Horseman. What started as a simple venture to provide supplemental information for her clients grew to have quite a significant following. It was through the newsletter that Maria became EasyCare's first hoof care practitioner guest blogger. She wrote with humor and honesty and was not one to dance around issues she was most passionate about. 

In a bold and transparent move, Maria decided to chronicle her battle with cancer. Through this I believe a great gift was given. I challenge you to read through her blog. It is emotional and raw and yet humorous and inspiring. It's a reality check delivered in true Maria fashion. Her blog is filled with life lessons and reflections. One of the most poignant being the entry she wrote after months of treatment and her experience of finally being able to travel to see her horses. She wrote, "They smelled even better than I remembered. The first sniff was almost shocking. Not that I didn't remember it, but memory definitely didn't do justice to the richness of it. It's simply the best smell on the planet."  For those of us who love horses there could be no truer words.

Maria with Lady

After months of being too ill to travel, Maria is finally allowed to see her horses.

Here is a fun clip of Maria. The music and vibe say it all.

Maria touched many of us. She made us laugh and cry and count our blessings. She taught us that life is about running the race and running it well. Maria ran her race with courage, strength, dignity and grace to the very end. Maria, you are already greatly missed.

Learn more about Maria, her herd and the Thoughtful Horseman through her websites and blogs.

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